Monday, August 10, 2009

The Book Library is unpacked!

I finally made some time this past weekend to get back to unpacking boxes and organizing.  After all, I've been in the new FFS since mid-May so I'm starting to run out of excuses as to why I'm not "unpacked".

In the Book Library, I needed to build some bookcases but, after that, it didn't take me much time to decide where to place things.  The picture above shows one wall of the Book Library.  You'll see my Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written and Masterpieces of Science Fiction collections as well as my  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror paperbacks.   In between are such goodies as MAD magazine books, The Three Investigators paperbacks, graphic novels, comics, etc.  There's even a couple of Space coffee table books in there.

Try to identify a book in the picture and post a comment.  I'm sure someone will find my reading tastes "humorous" and will be able to come up with a "smart" comment.

1 comment:

Destructa said...

I see Conan, Draco Falcon, Horseclans, Red Sonja, and even where the heck's Dray Prescot of Kregen and John Carter of Mars?