Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brian "Who" Black

In Fall 1989, we formed our electro-terrorist unit called Any Questions?. In the very early days of the band, MC2P4 wrote and sang most of the vocal parts but we also worked with a few other singers before I (Ttam Troll) eventually took over all of the singing (term used "loosely") duties.

One of these singers was our friend, Brian "Who" Black. He had sung with some other bands so we decided that it was worth giving him a chance and see how well he could do with the material we were writing.

The first song that we worked with him on was a track called Slam. I had spent several days sequencing this song and working out the live keyboard parts and bass solo. During this period of production, I recorded numerous versions of it. In fact, this is probably the most recorded song in the history of the band. There are well over 20 versions of this song on 4-track tape.

I had originally intended for it to be an instrumental but, after realizing that is was "lacking something", we brought in Brian to see what he could add to it. His sharp, biting vocal performance fit the musical style of the song well and we were somewhat pleased.

MC2P4 continued to work with Brian on a few more songs but, eventually, we decided that Slam and the other songs that Brian contributed to didn't fit in with our other compositions. By this time, our music was becoming much more industrial and aggressive and I had begun to be the voice of the band. Because of this, all versions of this song have sat unreleased in the FFS Vaults for over 20 years.

So, after 20+ years in the FFS Vaults, here is Any Questions? - Slam featuring Brian "Who" Black on vocals. This recording is rather "noisy" but I have chosen it because it also includes one of my favorite electric bass solo performances. As you'll hear, I obviously have a "little" Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division) influence in my playing.

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