Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Any Questions? - Extinction

Extinction was one of the final songs composed for Any Questions? - Mutation release in 2000. After completing several harsh and aggressive Industrial tracks, I felt the need to slow things down, retreat inwards, and create a dark, sinister electronic soundscape to compliment the other songs on the release.

The result was an ominously bleak sounding instrumental. Birthed during one late night recording session as I watched John Carpenter's 1994 film, In The Mouth Of Madness, I truly felt as if I was spiraling deeper and deeper into an abyss of Lovecraftian despair. A sample from the film, "Every species can smell its own extinction", exemplifies this mood and provided the impetus for the song.

MC2P4 and LTJTHC came in during a later recording session and added to the horror I created. LTJTHC's tribal-like electronic percussion urges the song forward while MC2P4's eerie synthetic leads fill the listener with a sense of total futility.

Come join us on this descent downward...

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