Friday, January 14, 2011


While waiting to officially release our Any Questions? - Death CD in early 1996, MC2P4 and I began working on new ideas in the studio. Our sonic arsenal had grown quite extensively leading up to this period and we were anxious to make new music with it. These ideas ranged from very structured pounding rhythm Industrial to very non-structured and improvised ambient music.

Technical falls a little bit in between both of these concepts. Recorded on 02/04/96 (the DAT says so!), this 15+ minute improvisation features a very structured/repetitive rhythm track and chord structure. On top of which we incessantly solo over intertwining synthetic tapestries and sampling overload. We had fun on this day and now you'll get to hear it too!

P.S. This photo of LTJTHC (L) and Ttam Troll (R) was taken in the early 2000s at Floating Fish Studios.

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