Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Mistress and "The Van"

This behind the scenes photo of members from This Mistress was shot at Wynn Ruffin's "Music For Tents" birthday party during Summer 1988. Pictured are (from L to R) Scott McConnell, Matt Norcross (in purple shades mostly hidden behind Matt Skirpan), Matt Skirpan (in "short shorts"), and Ken Chandler.

This happens to also be the only picture of "The Van" that I would occasionally get to borrow from my parents. The Dodge Van 200 customized by Marshall Van Inc was the main form of transportation during the sports playing days of my youth and the scene of many roving "parties" later as I began to drive. Many innocent and not-so-innocent fun times transpired around its whereabouts.

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