Thursday, October 8, 2009

Assembling Show Props and Wardrobe

Let's see what we have here...

Gas Mask - Check!
Stormtrooper Blaster - Check!
Neoprene Gloves - Check!
Pumpkin Mask - Check!
Knee Brace - Check!
Skateboard Wrist and Elbow Pads - Check!
Pumpkin Flashers - Check!
Billy Club - Check!

Now it's time to get the Severed Heads, LED Jason Mask, Quarts of Blood, Creepy Crawlers...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Any Questions? - Evolution

Evolution was the third video off of our Any Questions? 2000 release, Mutation. MC2P4 delivers an acting tour de force performance and is joined by Ho Magos (Ken Chandler), who provides a white faced demon cameo. You get to see MC2P4 do it all in this video. A nearly nude MC2P4 dons his infamous "wire costume", feasts upon severed heads, injects himself with re-animation reagent, is implanted with LED systems, and much, much more.

I (Ttam Troll) was behind the camcorder directing ("Do weird face shit!") and filming for most of the scenes but some additional footage was shot by Steve Olsen, Ho Magos, Brian "Who" Black, and even Jackey McConnell (she shot the outdoor snow footage). It was assembled into a final edit in 2004 when we were preparing for the Any Questions? - Alive I Am tour.

One of the locations that we shot at was the abandoned Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City, PA. While shooting footage there, we were forcibly removed from the property by their security. Apparently, we were "trespassing" and we were told that we were lucky that they didn't put us in shackles and cart us off to jail.

Oh, the things we do for our art...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Light Saber Duel III

Light Saber Duel III is the final installment of the Light Saber Duel Trilogy. Filmed on one cold day in January 1988 over college Winter Break, this STO Productions video is a "classic". It stars Kurt Smith and Tony Townsend and was filmed and edited by Steve Olsen.

You may be asking yourself... "What does this have to do with Floating Fish Studios?" Well, I'll tell you. It features music by M Scott McConnell, co-founder of FFS. In essence, Light Saber Duel III marks the first music for film credit for FFS. However, I can't seem to find that on IMDb... What's up with that?

P.S. For you Shippensburg natives, the location for this shoot was at 9 South Queen Street (aka The Dungeon). If you look closely, you'll notice that the Sheetz convenience store in the background is of the classic pre-megalopolis design. Back when you could hide in the hallway and play video games while satisfying your late night munchie needs. Mmmmmm... chili cheese dogs!