Friday, October 28, 2022

The Secret Society CD released!

The Secret Society CD and Digital Album have just been released on Bandcamp.

Release Notes:
Before the Industrial music Any Questions? and the Electronic music of Imbued Vagary, there was the Electronic Rock of The Secret Society.  These earliest recordings of Ttam Troll (Matthew R Norcross), mC2p4 (M Scott McConnell), and others from 1985 - 1988 were compiled in 1989 for a cassette only release but have now been re-compiled from the best quality existing recordings for this CD release.  Synths, samplers, guitars, drum machines, electric basses, electronic drums, vocals, tape hiss, and a whole lot of weirdness fill the audio spectrum on this release.  Something for everyone!

Track Listing:
01 It's Coming 0:18
02 Progressions 4:18
03 Chunklet of Cheese 2:02
04 Monster Man 3:38
05 Pung 4:12
06 Idea H-2-12 3:48
07 Make My Mind Soar 0:34
08 Something About Tomorrow 3:36
09 TA 2:50
10 Synth Bass 0:14
11 How Do Rocks Multiply? (Solution IV) 5:14
12 Cry For An Early Dawn 3:10
13 I Was Playing Normally All of the Time 0:58

The Secret Society members revealed on this release:
Kendal T Chandler - Vocals
Larry Lee Fiber - Electronic Drums
Lonny Fiber - Drum Programming
Tim Harrell - Electronic Drums
M Scott McConnell - Synthesizers, Samplers, and Vocals
Matthew R Norcross - Bass, Synthesizers, Drum Programming, and Effects
Matt Skirpan - Guitar

Original release compiled by Matthew R Norcross - Summer 1989
Re-compiled by Matthew R Norcross - Fall 2022

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records

Cover Design and Layout by Matthew R Norcross

Copyright ©2022 Floating Fish Music


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Imbued Vagary - Post Roast Beef Sandwich

Here's an excerpt of a live improv from FFS II Synth Jam 2022 - Birthday. Recorded at FFS II on 07/30/22.

Recorded after a dinner break (hence the song title), we wasted no time in working off our meal.  The track features Ttam Troll providing a sumptuous synth bass part on the Moog Minimoog Model D, mC2p4 effervescently refluxing forwards, backwards, and bi-directional audio collage samples on the Ensoniq EPS, and Steve O's delectable synth leads on the Korg Z1, Studiologic Sledge, and Kawai K5000S.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Any Questions? - Strafing Children (Live)

While touring with Punch Drunk in 1993, Any Questions? took the stage on the first night of The Interface Tour at the Four G's Hotel in Bethlehem, PA.  

Reviewer Thomas Linson wrote in Issue 4 of The Floating Fish newsletter, "...Any Questions? smash onto the scene and warp the minds of the many.  Ttam Troll was in excellent form that night, not to mention excellent shape, having consumed one live human leg with a side of caterpillars and bean-sprouts.  Operating on a full stomach, the Troll bore a grinny-grimace that resembled the cat after swallowing the fetus.  A real flare was set off on stage by the Troll, creating plenty of flare-doody and a gaseous stench that brought a churn to everyone's belly.  Then, when this was not enough, he set his rubber gloves a-burnin' and melted a baby's face, which added to the atmosphere intensely!"

Here is the live version of Strafing Children taken from the soundboard recording that night.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2022

The Secret Society CD Unboxing

The Secret Society CDs have arrived!  Official release date is 10/28/22.  If you haven’t ordered your copy, you can get them here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Secret Society on CD!

Before Any Questions? and Imbued Vagary was The Secret Society.  These recordings from 1985 - 1988 were compiled in 1989 for a cassette only release but have now been re-compiled from the best quality existing recordings for this upcoming CD release.  Synths, guitars, drum machines, electric basses, electronic drums, vocals, tape hiss, and a whole lot of weirdness fill the audio spectrum on this release.  Something for everyone!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Imbued Vagary - LV-1 (Live)


Here's an excerpt of a live improv from FFS II Synth Jam 2022 - Birthday. Recorded at FFS II on 07/30/22.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Floating Fish Studios Year in Review (2021)

Floating Fish Studios released 9 new CDs in 2021.  These include 7 releases of new music from Electronic artist, Imbued Vagary and 2 releases of Special Edition music from Industrial electro-terrorists, Any Questions?.  You can order each release individually (CD or Digital Album) on Bandcamp or through most major physical and streaming vendors worldwide (Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc).  Pick your favorite place for music and you should be able to find our releases there.

The Floating Fish Studios 2021 Release Catalog features the following...

Imbued Vagary - Captured Moments 2 (FISHCD015) - In categorizing ones own projects, a template of sorts begins to emerge.  One of those is this series.  Imbued Vagary is proud to present to you a collection of musicians as well as a collection of “captured moments”.  In this case, the second in a series.  Just as the name implies, these are moments of raw electronic improvisation, complete with all the “imperfections” one would expect from such an endeavor.  Concepts thought up and run with on the spur of the moment.   Captured moments of time in an overall fabric of synthesized space.

Imbued Vagary - Live 2 (FISHCD016) - The first Live release in this series was the result of live performances that showcased the symbiotic relationship of men and machines in concert.  A mix of melodically inspired themes but with the non-traditional bent that makes all Imbued Vagary performances special.  This second Live release features three in-studio performances and one outdoor concert performance that highlights the Imbued Vagary Collective across multiple sonic environments.

Imbued Vagary - Noise 2 (FISHCD017) - Imbued Vagary is no stranger to brutal electronics.  This second installment of extreme music in the Noise series showcases the harsher side of our Floating Fish Studios Synth Jam live improv sessions and live concert performances. Synthesis, sampling, and special effects meld together to form these harsh and noisy sonic experiments.  As we warned on the first Noise release, “Hold on... This ride gets bumpy!”

Imbued Vagary - Wheels of Steel (FISHCD018) - Imbued Vagary continues to assimilate new members into its fold and as it does so, it expands the Collective’s musical (and nonmusical) acumen.  The sonic experiments on Wheels of Steel highlights such an expansion and showcases the turntablism of Paul Doppelganga.  Combined with the electronic soundscapes that Imbued Vagary are known for, an exciting and unique form of electronic music emerges.

Imbued Vagary - Captured Moments 3 (FISHCD019) - This third installment in the Captured Moments series goes deeper into the dark pools of the electronic ocean.  Journey into the tidal pools of sonic delight and wallow in the electronic surf created by various subsets of The Imbued Vagary Collective.  These captured moments may well have you humming some sinister melodies as you submerge yourself.

Imbued Vagary - Noise 3 (FISHCD020) - Presented here as the third release in our Noise series are a set of performance rehearsals, we had for the 05/21/16 Experimental Music/Noise show in Pittsburgh, PA.  The planned exercise was to single out a set of hardware synthesizers for use in this specific performance environment.  Though some may think of something related to a rehearsal and/or named “noise” should be relegated to the cutting room floor, Imbued Vagary takes our rehearsals and “noise” very seriously.  Rehearsing with lights, lasers, and fog, we want to ensure our own peak awareness of the experience that we plan to share with our audience.  Of course, we record all of these moments.  The recordings for this release are taken from camcorder mono audio tracks so the quality is not as good as what would be expected from an Imbued Vagary release, but you do get to hear the fog machine belching out smoke during the recording.  That should make up for the “lesser” quality recording.  Shouldn’t it?

Imbued Vagary - nIVg (FISHCD023) - Almost two years since our last in-person assembly, the Imbued Vagary Live Infiltration Unit consisting of Imbued Vagary Collective members mC2p4, Thee Sub One Genius, and Ttam Troll convened at Floating Fish Studios for a 09/11/21 livestream event on Nick’s International Virtual Garage.

Any Questions? - Don't Ask (Special Edition) (FISHCD021) - This special edition of Any Questions? - Don't Ask celebrates the 30th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s second audio assault. The band's harsh Industrial sound emerges on this release and forms the foundation for their later sonic experiments.

Any Questions? - Darkness (Special Edition) (FISHCD022) - This special edition of Any Questions? - Darkness celebrates the 29th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s release of pure audio sculpture.  The electronic experiments and sonic soundscapes contained within herald the beginnings of the Imbued Vagary project.