Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Behind the scenes with Obomatic

This behind the scenes photo of Obomatic at the Music Mania Studio 1 Festival on 05/17/03 shows the final 4 member live incarnation of the band. This line up included (from left to right) Troll IO - Synthesizers, Miller High Life - Guitar, Scottologic - Synthesizers, and Steve O - Vocals.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FFS II Synth Jam 2010 Inaugural Session

Here's a photo from the inaugural FFS II Synth Jam 2010 session which was held on 02/20/10.

The ensemble gathered included (from L to R) Tim Harrell (aka LTJTHC), Dave Chandler (aka Thee Sub One Genius), M Scott McConnell (aka MC2P4), Stephen Saputelli (aka Steve O), and Matt Norcross (aka Ttam Troll).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Mistress - Back In The Carport

In this video, This Mistress performs Get It On by Kingdom Come. It's another "classic" carport performance captured during our outdoor concert in Scotland, PA during the Summer of 1988.

Not to be deterred by the lack of attention paid to us by the partygoers who were busy either swimming, playing volleyball, or feasting on BBQ, we worked through our eclectic set of originals, classic rock, alternative, and metal songs.

This line up of the band included Ken Chandler - Vocals, Matt "Scrap Pap" Skirpan - Guitar, Kevin "Bart the Fart" Wilson - Guitar, Scott McConnell - Synthesizer, Matt Norcross - Bass, and Tim Harrell - Drums.

This performance was shot and edited by our longtime videographer Steve Olsen and, if you watch closely near the beginning of the video, you'll see a young, feathered hair and toe tapping Jackey Dickey (later McConnell) sitting off to the side of the band enjoying the music.