Friday, August 14, 2009

First Flowers - RIP

Here is a picture of my first basket of hanging flowers during better times.  My parents brought them during their first visit to the new FFS back in mid-May 2009.  Though I watered them and Charlie (my Majestic Palm named after Drew Barrymore's character in Firestarter) everyday, it eventually succumbed to death.  As I ascended the step ladder last night to try to salvage them, I discovered the cause of death.  Inside the basket, a bird had had torn up the soil and used the flower vines to help build a nest.  Inside the nest were the remnants of 3 eggs.   Though my first flowers are now gone, hopefully 3 fledglings are still flying.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Any Questions? - Lousy Human (Live)

This video is taken from Any Questions? live performance at the Music Invasion Festival (07/10/04).

We were in rare form on that day. The 9' x 12' video screen was indoctrinating the masses with our visual hallucinations. The strobe lights were pulsing at epileptic levels. The PA system was pushed to the edge of overload. MC2P4 hammered synths and video effects. LTJTHC (Tim Harrell) was thrashing away on electronic percussion and I discarded all vestiges of Matt Norcross and became Ttam Troll.

How was that for hype? Seriously, it was a great show and, to this date, it was the last Any Questions? live spectacle. However, we hope to rectify that soon. Stay tuned...

P.S. MC2P4 deserves kudos for being brave (and gullible) enough to be talked into wearing his "wire" costume and special thanks to Beth Ballein and Kelly Hoffman for shooting the Neo-Nazi Cam video footage.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video Library Part 2

In an earlier post, I showed you one side of the Video Library.  Here's a picture of the other side.  You can see the end of my DVDs (U-Z) as well as my fledgling Blu-ray collection and VHS tapes.  

The far right media case houses original FFS VHS.  Contained on these tapes are our early music videos, video shoot footage, live performances, etc.  We've been digitizing these tapes to DVD for archival purposes and, from those DVDs, I've been pulling content for this blog.  We've only scratched the surface of what is there.  We have everything from MC2P4's Oil In the Gulf mouth chewing video shoot to the making of Ho Magos' Esotericka videos.  Punch Drunk's 1993 strobe light intense Silk City performance to Any Questions? "burn down the club with a flare" 4 G's show.  Oddities which include a long haired, corpulent Ttam Troll waxing poetic and footage of a partygoer puking into a plastic pumpkin.

Good entertainment for the whole family!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Book Library is unpacked!

I finally made some time this past weekend to get back to unpacking boxes and organizing.  After all, I've been in the new FFS since mid-May so I'm starting to run out of excuses as to why I'm not "unpacked".

In the Book Library, I needed to build some bookcases but, after that, it didn't take me much time to decide where to place things.  The picture above shows one wall of the Book Library.  You'll see my Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written and Masterpieces of Science Fiction collections as well as my  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror paperbacks.   In between are such goodies as MAD magazine books, The Three Investigators paperbacks, graphic novels, comics, etc.  There's even a couple of Space coffee table books in there.

Try to identify a book in the picture and post a comment.  I'm sure someone will find my reading tastes "humorous" and will be able to come up with a "smart" comment.