Friday, May 22, 2020

Illegitimate Release 1990 (Special Edition) Released on Bandcamp

Any Questions? - Illegitimate Release 1990 (Special Edition) has just been released on Bandcamp.  Download the digital album now and get the CD soon!

Release Notes:
This special edition of Any Questions? - Illegitimate Release 1990 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s debut assault. The songs contained within provide a glimpse into the early beginnings of the band and their electronic experiments with sound and recording techniques.

Track Listing:
01 Munchkin's Gong 05:42
02 Martian Crash 03:26
03 Secret 02:32
04 Smashing Babies 02:04
05 Bounce 03:04
06 Eating Band-Aids With Marmalade 03:52
07 The Unreal 02:08
08 Dance For The Future 03:28
09 Peel Away The Skin (Recyclable Mix) 02:44
10 Isms Aren't Good 02:18
11 Limerick Lights (Power Plant Mix) 03:02
12 Follow 03:36
13 Space Trash 01:46
14 Ode to 1 Gold St. (Live) 11:52

ANY QUESTIONS? is comprised of: 
Ttam Troll - Bass, Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Sequencing, Sampling, Effects, and Vocals 
MC2P4 - Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, and Vocals 

Produced by: Any Questions? 

Engineered and Mixed by: Ttam Troll 

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records 

Original Cover Design and Inlay by: MC2P4 
Special Edition Cover Design and Layout by: Ttam Troll 

Original Cover Design Software Support by: S “Spaz” Schappell 
Special Edition Illustration by Mike Bohatch 

The material on this product was recorded on a Fostex Series 2 X-15 Multitrack System as well as a Tascam 308/38 Tape Recording System 1989 to 1990 

Ode to 1 Gold St. (Live) was recorded Spring 1990 

All songs written and performed by Any Questions? 

Copyright ©1990/2020 Floating Fish Music

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Noise Pandemic Compilation 2020 Released

The Noise Pandemic Compilation 2020 from Rorer 714 is now available.  It’s an international experimental music compilation recorded in quarantine and features the track Dead Planet by Imbued Vagary. US DVD, Japan DVD, and Digital Album versions available.