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Vizator - Land of Glass Towers (Demos 1990) CD

Vizator - Land of Glass Towers (Demos 1990) CD and Digital Album scheduled for release on 01/20/23.

Release Notes:
Before the Industrial music of Any Questions? and the Electronic music of Imbued Vagary, Ttam Troll (Matthew R Norcross) and mC2p4 (M Scott McConnell) were part of a Fusion Rock band called Vizator (later to be renamed Vyzator).  Joining Vizator's founding band members David S Irish and Carlton Holt, this lineup's sole performance was at the prestigious CitiParks Showcase Mondays concert at Oliver Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA on August 07, 1989.

After the August 1989 Vizator performance, Ttam Troll and mC2p4 left the band and relocated to Philadelphia, PA to form Any Questions? and Imbued Vagary.  David S Irish and Carlton Holt carried on as Vizator's sole members and began working on demos for a CD release.

In early 1990, David and Carlton reached out to Matt to see if he'd be interested in laying down electric bass parts for the forthcoming Vizator CD.  Matt had not yet been involved with any CD projects and jumped at the chance to get back together with his former bandmates and do some recording.  The music contained on Vizator - Land of Glass Towers (Demos 1990) are from those recording sessions which took place on March 10-11, 1990.  These instrumental demos were eventually scrapped and the band re-recorded the songs using synth bass for the final Vyzator - Land of Glass Towers CD which was released in 1991.  However, these early demos show what could have been if the band followed their instrumental power trio Fusion Rock leanings.  That was not meant to be and this became the final artifact of Vizator.  Enjoy!

Track Listing:
01 Ready to Deal (Irish) 4:02
02 Trapped Inside This Maniac (Irish) 5:48
03 The Chase (Irish/Holt) 3:56
04 Club 54 (Irish/Hutter) 4:52
05 Land of Glass Towers (Irish) 5:00

Vizator members:
David S Irish - Guitars and Synthesizers
Matt Norcross - Bass
Carlton Holt - Drums

Recorded March 10-11, 1990 in Pittsburgh PA

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records

Cover Photo, CD Design, and Layout by Matthew R Norcross

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