Thursday, March 5, 2015

Any Questions? Live

While compiling tracks for the upcoming Imbued Vagary releases, I came across a Photo CD of images from Any Questions? 07/10/04 performance at the Music Invasion Festival.  This photo highlights (from left to right) Ttam Troll and MC2P4 in his infamous wire costume.

P.S.  Thanks for Kelly Hoffman for taking this and many other photos at the show.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

caddo issaquah

This third offering from Floating Fish Studios Synth Jam 2015 - Snow 02/21/15 sessions is an improv titled, caddo issaquah.

Ttam Troll’s icy Minimoog synth bass dominates the aural landscape as Thee Sub One Genius layers a dense Ableton Live rhythmic groove and MC2P4 cuts through both with a slithering Z1 solo.

Hold on to the rail, icebergs ahead!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Captured Moments Track Listing

Here is the track listing for the upcoming Imbued Vagary release, Captured Moments...
Ebow Nucleosis 5:38
Desert Stars 2:02
Utopian Gong 4:51
Traveling Overland 4:49
Incoming Communiqué 5:04
Machine Signals 4:29
Bing Boo 4:42
CJNB (aka Chocolate Japanese Noodle Baby) 11:40
Atmospheric View 4:16
Co LLab Bel 4:10
You're Different 8:02