Sunday, April 19, 2015

Live Released on Bandcamp

Imbued Vagary - Live has just been released on Bandcamp.  Download the digital album now and get the CD soon!

Track Listing:
Warmit 4:46
Imajj Indo 4:12
Fourwind 3:16
Keeble Man 4:12
Muv Muffle 4:06
Parsons Interject 3:30
CJNB 4:56
Underdog 5:26
Cyclical 3:23
Acidity 5:30

Liner Notes:
This release is a collection of our best live performances at the SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival and SHAPE Gallery.  The first 7 tracks are from our 2013 performance at the 8th Annual SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival.  This was our second foray to the festival and we delivered an electrically charged show for the festival attendees.  The last 3 tracks of this release are taken from our 2012 SHAPE Gallery performance for the opening reception of DEEP - 10th Annual Abstract Exhibit.  We played to a crowded house of artists and patrons that had come to see a spectacular exhibit and they were not disappointed.

The Imbued Vagary Collective would like to thank all the officers (past and present) of SHAPE (Shippensburg Arts Programming & Education) for their ongoing commitment to supporting the arts in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. 

The Imbued Vagary Live Infiltration Unit: 
mC2p4 - Korg Z1/Alesis ION
Thee Sub One Genius - Ableton Live
Ttam Troll - Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue/Roland RS-09

Tracks 1-7 recorded live at 8th Annual SHAPE Solstice Arts Festival 06/15/13; Tracks 8-10 recorded live at DEEP - 10th Annual Abstract Exhibit - SHAPE Gallery 09/07/12 

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records 

Copyright ©2015 Floating Fish Music