Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dungeon Aire Rehearsal

This is a rare video of Dungeon Aire during a rehearsal with some of it's members on January 2nd, 1988.  Unfortunately, Scott and I are both missing from this rehearsal.  I'm not sure why we were not there since we were the ones that always (except this time) lined up rehearsals.  I guess we had something better to do.

To set the record straight, we were still called Dungeon Aire at this time.  We would not become This Mistress until Kevin "Bart the Fart" Wilson joined the band on guitar.

Thanks to Steve Olsen for uploading this video and for all of his support over the years.  A large part of our video history was recorded through his lens.

Moog Prodigy comes to FFS

I've been wearing a Moog Prodigy t-shirt for years but I've always felt a little weird doing so because I (or we at FFS) didn't own one.  Well, now I can wear that t-shirt proudly and with reason thanks to some very good timing on a visit to Sam Ash Music in King of Prussia, PA this past Saturday (03/05/16).

As I entered the keyboard area of the store, the Moog Prodigy immediately caught my eye and I walked excitedly over to it.  It was sitting on a stand and hadn't even been priced yet.  As luck would have it, it was powered on and connected to a small PA system.  It took about thirty seconds of programming before I was playing a rich analog synth bass line that only a Moog could produce.  I knew at that moment that it was destined to be mine.

A store clerk came over and asked if they could help me.  I said, "Yeah.  What's the price of the Moog Prodigy?"  The clerk said he had to find out and scampered off.  In the time the clerk was gone, I further explored the Prodigy.  I jacked up the Mod rate and turned up the Mod wheel to make my synth bass sound oscillate wildly.  The clerk returned and told me the price.  It turns out that the store had just taken in the Moog Prodigy MK I synth (Serial# 2875) twenty minutes before my arrival.  I told him I was interested but wanted to take a quick look at some other things in the store.  This was really only a ploy to get away from the clerk so I could pull out my iPhone and log onto eBay to check out the going price for similar models.  Upon discovering that the store price was about $200 less than the cheapest one on eBay, I made my way back to the clerk and said, "I want it!"

I bought it, brought it back to the studio and MC2P4 graciously offered to detail it.  Afterwards, we both took it for a sonic ride.  So, this brings the first part of the tale of the Moog Prodigy to an end.  Keep an ear open for next part of this tale!