Saturday, December 30, 2023

Any Questions? - Almost Dead

Song idea naming protocol at Floating Fish Studios has always been to use whatever is playing on the TV monitor in the studio at the time of creation.  This process leads to some interesting idea titles and provides insight into the video stimuli that influenced us during the creative process.

This track from 1996 is titled Almost Dead.  Almost Dead is a 1994 horror movie starring Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills. 90210 fame).  She plays a psychologist that is haunted by her dead mother's ghost.  Instrumentally, we used some of our favorite instruments of the day.  The E-MU Pro/Cussion drum module for the drum beat and a lot of Korg Wavestation for the rest of the synth sounds.  The soloing guitar sound is even pulled out of the Korg Wavestation.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Any Questions? - 1996

While waiting to officially release our Any Questions? - Death CD in early 1996, MC2P4 and I began working on new ideas in the studio. Some of these ideas would eventually be developed into full songs for our Any Questions? - Mutation CD in 2000.  Our sonic arsenal had grown quite extensively leading up to this period and we were anxious to make new music with it. The Korg Wavestation, a vector synthesis synthesizer, was used extensively during this period. In hindsight, maybe too extensively.  Our ideas ranged from very structured pounding rhythm Industrial to very non-structured and improvised ambient music.

1996 is a Ttam Troll exclusive track.  I started working on this New Year's Eve 1995 and finished it early the following day, New Year's Day 1996.  Using sounds from the E-MU Pro/Cussion drum module, I created a simple yet powerful sounding drum groove. The synth sounds (synth bass, synth pads, bells, and airy organ) all came from the Korg Wavestation.  Lastly, it features a vocal sample of myself saying "Control" which was sampled on our Ensoniq EPS, a Performance Sampler.

I hope you enjoy this piece of New Year's past!