Thursday, June 18, 2009

*BEFORE* Floating Fish Studios

In a land before time (Summer 1988) and before the construction of Floating Fish Studios, a small band of musicians formed The Secret Society.

During one extremely hot summer (with no air conditioning), The Secret Society gathered at Horse & Buggy Highway Studios in Shippensburg PA. Aptly named for the Amish who would frequently gallop by in front of the studio. While packing the contents of Floating Fish Studios (Sunrise Lane), I came across some gems from the past. Here's a tasty morsel called "Progressions" which was recorded live to a Fostex X-15 cassette 4-track by M Scott McConnell (Synthesizers), Matt Norcross (Bass), Tim Harrell ("Live" Drum Machine), Ken Chandler (Vocals), and special guest (and birthday boy), Kevin Wilson (Guitar). This was part of a cassette called "Happy Birthday Bart".


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Thee SUB ONE Genius said...

Awesome! Yet another blast from the past!