Thursday, August 13, 2009

Any Questions? - Lousy Human (Live)

This video is taken from Any Questions? live performance at the Music Invasion Festival (07/10/04).

We were in rare form on that day. The 9' x 12' video screen was indoctrinating the masses with our visual hallucinations. The strobe lights were pulsing at epileptic levels. The PA system was pushed to the edge of overload. MC2P4 hammered synths and video effects. LTJTHC (Tim Harrell) was thrashing away on electronic percussion and I discarded all vestiges of Matt Norcross and became Ttam Troll.

How was that for hype? Seriously, it was a great show and, to this date, it was the last Any Questions? live spectacle. However, we hope to rectify that soon. Stay tuned...

P.S. MC2P4 deserves kudos for being brave (and gullible) enough to be talked into wearing his "wire" costume and special thanks to Beth Ballein and Kelly Hoffman for shooting the Neo-Nazi Cam video footage.

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