Thursday, September 10, 2009

Any Questions? - Munchkins Gong (Live)

On November 24, 1990, we (
Any Questions?) burst onto the Industrial Music scene with our first live performance. We had formed in the Fall of 1989 and had written and recorded several songs in the time preceding this performance but this show gave us our first chance to showcase the new and innovative "Hypermedia Industrial Death" stage show that we had created.

Our stage show drew heavily from the same Horror, Sci-Fi, and Cold War propaganda movies that inspired our music. We were excited to finally add this visual element to our music and this synergy of audio and video would later help shape the music videos that we would produce.

Helping us to pull off this first live performance were Michael E Lightkep - House Mix, Kurt Smith - Light Operator, Steve Olsen - Follow Camera and Post Edit, and Matt Skirpan - Neo Nazi Cam.

Our 8 song Electronic set ran long on time so we never had a chance to perform the 3 song encore set that we had prepared with Tim Harrell - Drums. Luckily, we have some audio-only recordings of rehearsals for this 3 song set and I'll share those in later posts.

P.S. Oh, by the way, this performance took place in Valley Forge, PA at the Park Ridge Hotel at the wedding reception to celebrate the marriage of Scott and Jackey McConnell. I bet you never thought that Any Questions? would/could be a "wedding band". You wouldn't be alone with those thoughts. The wedding guests were unaware and unprepared for what we had in store for them that night!

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