Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Punch Drunk - Let's Simulate (Live)

This unearthed video gem showcases the classic line up of FFS alumni - Punch Drunk (Steve Saputelli, Allen Milletics, Scott Skerchock, and Eriq Ellixson). Shot at Silk City in Philadelphia PA on 06.06.93, this shaky camcorder footage gives you a taste of the high energy show that PD would deliver on every occasion.

This was shot on the second night of the mini tour that we (Any Questions?) did with PD. We had been working with PD at FFS on their first release, Hardtech Robocore when Allen Milletics (of PD) said that he'd lined up a couple of live shows. They wanted us to play the shows with them and they weren't going to take no for an answer. They didn't have to twist our arms very hard...

Punch Drunk's set of futuristic hardtech robocore music decimated the crowds at both shows. As you'll see, this night's rendition of Let's Simulate brought the crowd to a frenzied state and left them applauding for more!

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