Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Any Questions? - Alive I Am Concert Debriefing

We (Any Questions?) took the stage for the first time in 5 years on Halloween Night (10/31/09) to perform our live horror show for the crowd gathered at the Tesla Nights 2009 Halloween Party in Philadelphia PA.

After taking the stage, we wasted no time in unleashing an unrelenting barrage of sonic terror and horrific visual hallucinations upon the audience. The enthusiastic crowd cheered as we assaulted them with a 10 song set which featured songs from 4 different AQ? eras and albums. Starting with Sharing the Plasma Pool, we set the tone for the evening with a full on sonic bombardment which was intensified by our synced video nightmares and convulsion inducing strobe lights.

There was no escape from our attack. We quickly launched into Lousy Human and followed with the remainder of our set which included Presto (You're Dead), Strange Days, Or I Die, Even In Death, Bones Bent, Evolution, Limerick Lights, and ended with Dismembered. This was quite appropriate because, by this point in the show, we had decimated the bodies and minds of those present and had scattered their bloodied remains throughout the venue.

After being locked in the studio for a long time, it was great to get back out and play a live show again. Hopefully we won't wait another 5 years to do another one!

Special thanks go to Mark Passio and the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club for inviting us to do the show, Steve O for persuading us to do it (and for being our most vocal fan), and to Rich Szymczak for providing live sound reinforcement. Extra special thanks go to Jackey McConnell for providing photographic services and support and to Dave Chandler for providing videography services and support.

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