Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dan Jam 1/91 Revisited

Back by popular demand, here is another classic from the Dan Jam 1/91 recording sessions. This song, entitled Operational, was recorded near the end of our second day of continuous recording. Fatigue was starting to set in and our improvs were becoming more and more abstract. This oppressively, repetitious sample laden track was built upon a simple sequence that I programmed. The line up on this song is Ttam Troll - Synthesizers, Samplers, and Programming, MC2P4 - Synthesizers and Electronic Toms, and Dan "The Man" Fiber - Roland GR-77B Bass Guitar Synthesizer.

Come and follow us down the rabbit hole...

P.S. This photo of Dan "The Man" Fiber (right) and MC2P4 (left) was taken on 12/12/09 at the 2nd Annual FFS II Gathering by Dave Chandler.

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