Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dan "The Man" Fiber Comes to Town!

In honor of the return visit of Dan "The Man" Fiber to Floating Fish Studios for the 2nd Annual FFS II Gathering this upcoming weekend, I would like to share an unreleased track from the FFS Vaults.

In January 1991, shortly after the start of the first Gulf War, Dan "The Man" visited Floating Fish Studios from the icy northern wasteland of Albany, NY. Our mission was to enter the studio and see what we could create. The result was two days worth of completely improvised music. The personnel for these recordings were Ttam Troll, MC2P4, LTJTHC, and Dan "The Man" Fiber. We alternated instrumentation so, on any given song, any of us could be playing synthesizer, sampler, electronic drums, bass guitar synthesizer, or even singing.

From those legendary Dan Jam 1/91 recordings, here is the epic 12+ minute bonus track entitled Foopher Pain. The line up on this song is Ttam Troll - Roland GR-77B Bass Guitar Synthesizer and Drum Machine, MC2P4 - Synthesizers, and Dan "The Man" Fiber - Vocals and Synthesizers.

P.S. This photo of Dan "The Man" Fiber was taken on 11/24/90, M Scott and Jackey McConnell's wedding day.

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