Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Any Questions? - Strafing Children

Strafing Children was originally recorded for Any Questions? 1992 Prey For Death release but it wasn't until we were preparing for our live tour with Punch Drunk in Summer 1993 that we finally made the video for it.

We had about a month to shoot and edit 12 of 13 videos for our hour long set list. Sharing The Plasma Pool had already been completed the previous year. The final videos were then projected onto a 9' x 12' video screen and used as a backdrop of visual hallucinations for our Hypermedia Industrial Death Horror Show.

The video for Strafing Children was quickly assembled from three sources. We used aerial video footage from the first Gulf War, dive bombing and strafing scenes from an old war movie, and some classic footage that we shot at the Griffiths Compound. This final source of video was created by duct taping our camcorder onto a lazy susan and manually spinning it to capture the 360 degree dizzyingly eerie and colorful smoke filled footage of MC2P4 as he feasts upon bloodied remains.

Though we had limited time to work on this video, it turned out to be quite an effective and literal translation of the song. One of which we are still proud of today.

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