Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Any Questions? - Ascension

While preparing for Dan Jam 2010 last weekend at FFS II, MC2P4 (R) and I (L) worked on a few ideas that we thought we could use as templates for our improv sessions. One of these, a song idea we called Ascension, is a pounding and unrelenting piece.

The genesis for this song idea began with a programmed beat on our Roland MC-303. MC2P4 quickly picked up on the groove I set and began playing a synth bass part on his Korg Z1. I then moved over to the Roland RS-09 and Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 to add synth strings and an analog drone. After a short while, we hit the record button and the result is what we share with you now...

P.S. This behind the scenes photo of Ttam Troll (L) and MC2P4 (R) was taken by Kelly Hoffman before Any Questions? performance at the Music Invasion Festival (07/10/04).

P.S.S. Note to MC2P4 - We must get the volume control knob/end output stage on the Roland RS-09 fixed so it doesn't crap out like you can hear on this track. "Write that down!"

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