Saturday, August 28, 2010

Youth Fellowship Volleyball

I heard rumors that some pictures from my 1985 and 1986 Christ United Methodist Church Youth Fellowship days had surfaced.  Though scared at what I might find, I went in search of these.  

What you see here from Summer 1986 is the first glimpse of the 8 photos I discovered.  It's a poor quality picture of a picture but it's nonetheless revealing.  The gratuitous "ass shot" shows me in uncharacteristic colorful clothes.  Sporting an aqua blue shirt and a rainbow striped white swim suit, I'm preparing to return a volley.  Not many photos exist of me wearing colorful clothes but click here for another one captured by Kim (Scott) Hepfer from Spring 1987.

P.S.  Pictured from L to R:  Ruby Appleby, ???, Jen Davidson, Suzie Jacobs, Matt Norcross, Dave Wolfgang, and Ann Shallcross.  The person obscured by me is most likely Pete Morgan.

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