Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prancing Merrily

With the recent loss of Edgar Froese, founding member of the band Tangerine Dream and an electronic music pioneer whom passed away after suffering a pulmonary embolism on January 20th, I’ve been going back through our catalog and rediscovering song ideas that are heavily influenced by his work.

Here’s a song idea from 1990 that was created at Der Palast des Goldes.  Another which was recorded under the Any Questions? moniker but resembles more of an Imbued Vagary styling.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was from an early ‘80s era Froese, Franke, Schmoelling line up Tangerine Dream release.  

MC2P4 takes the reigns of our Korg DW-8000 and wails over top of the driving Ttam Troll music sequence which percolates underneath.  It might be a tad long but, hey, Any Questions? is known for doing things over and over, again and again.

P.S.  This photo was taken on 11/24/90 at the very first Any Questions? live performance.

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