Monday, December 24, 2018

This Mistress - Don’t Change

Requested by one of our long time fans, Douglas Shields, here is another This Mistress track saved from oblivion from a long lost tape.  It’s our cover version of INXS - Don’t Change.  The quality of this boom box recording from early 1988 is very sub par.  It also sounds as if we were still learning the song or should I say, I was still learning the song.  Enjoy!

P.S. This photo was taken at Long Pine Run Dam in Chambersburg, PA in early 1988 and features the original line up of This Mistress (from L to R) Tim Harrell, Kevin "Bart the Fart" Wilson, Matt "Scrap Pap" Skirpan, Matt Norcross, Brad Shaeffer, and Scott McConnell.

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