Friday, May 22, 2020

Illegitimate Release 1990 (Special Edition) Released on Bandcamp

Any Questions? - Illegitimate Release 1990 (Special Edition) has just been released on Bandcamp.  Download the digital album now and get the CD soon!

Release Notes:
This special edition of Any Questions? - Illegitimate Release 1990 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the electro-terrorist unit’s debut assault. The songs contained within provide a glimpse into the early beginnings of the band and their electronic experiments with sound and recording techniques.

Track Listing:
01 Munchkin's Gong 05:42
02 Martian Crash 03:26
03 Secret 02:32
04 Smashing Babies 02:04
05 Bounce 03:04
06 Eating Band-Aids With Marmalade 03:52
07 The Unreal 02:08
08 Dance For The Future 03:28
09 Peel Away The Skin (Recyclable Mix) 02:44
10 Isms Aren't Good 02:18
11 Limerick Lights (Power Plant Mix) 03:02
12 Follow 03:36
13 Space Trash 01:46
14 Ode to 1 Gold St. (Live) 11:52

ANY QUESTIONS? is comprised of: 
Ttam Troll - Bass, Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Sequencing, Sampling, Effects, and Vocals 
MC2P4 - Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, and Vocals 

Produced by: Any Questions? 

Engineered and Mixed by: Ttam Troll 

Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi at DSBP Records 

Original Cover Design and Inlay by: MC2P4 
Special Edition Cover Design and Layout by: Ttam Troll 

Original Cover Design Software Support by: S “Spaz” Schappell 
Special Edition Illustration by Mike Bohatch 

The material on this product was recorded on a Fostex Series 2 X-15 Multitrack System as well as a Tascam 308/38 Tape Recording System 1989 to 1990 

Ode to 1 Gold St. (Live) was recorded Spring 1990 

All songs written and performed by Any Questions? 

Copyright ©1990/2020 Floating Fish Music

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