Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Integration Sessions 2005

On 02/20/05, we (Any Questions?) began work at the old FFS on our new release, tentatively entitled Integration. By the end of the day, MC2P4, LTJTHC, and I had ending up laying down several song ideas. Everyone was happy with our progress and we were off to a good start on the project.

Up until this point, we had never captured much video of the behind-the-scenes recording process for any of our releases so we decided to break from the norm and capture all of the recording process for our Integration project. We ended up shooting video with multiple camcorders, recording all improv audio direct to 2-track CD-R as well as capturing it as MIDI data so we could go back later and edit/manipulate the performances as needed.

This video is a rough edit for one of the song ideas that we worked on that day.

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