Monday, August 3, 2009

Sharing The Plasma Pool

Sharing The Plasma Pool is our very first music video. It was assembled using footage that we shot ourselves interspersed with a couple of scenes from the horror movie The Evil Dead. Up until this point, we had been shooting a bunch of video footage but didn't have anyway to edit it together. As luck would have it in the Spring of 1991, Tim Harrell (my roommate at the time) was attending MCCC and was majoring in Communications. One day, he let me tag along with him into the MCCC video editing suites and, a couple of hours later, I emerged with a VHS tape containing our first music video.

This song also has the distinction of being the last one we created using a synthesizer sequencer (Ensoniq ESQ-1). After this, we moved onto computer sequencing using an Atari 1040STe running Steinberg/Jones Cubase 2.0.

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