Monday, August 24, 2009

This Mistress - Music for Tents

Brian Eno released Music for Airports in 1978. Not to be outdone, This Mistress performed Music for Tents 10 years later in the Summer of 1988!

Seriously, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other but This Mistress did perform under a tent during the Summer of 1988 at a birthday party for Wynn Ruffin (sp?) - a professor(?) at Shippensburg University. On the outskirts of Newburg, PA (population 361 in 2008) and in the shadows of Blue Mountain, This Mistress hit the stage (or should I say grass) for one of their final performances. This line up included (from L to R) Matt Norcross - Bass, Scott McConnell - Synthesizer, Tim Harrell - Drums (obscured by Kevin and Ken), Kevin "Bart the Fart" Wilson - Guitar, Ken Chandler - Vocals, and Matt "Scrap Pap" Skirpan - Guitar (out of frame on the far right).

This was a fun performance with a lot of people in attendance (including Jennean Hunter - foreground center fan in picture). It also had a sort of "Battle of the Bands" vibe to it since there was another band set up at the other end of the tent facing us. Another memorable thing about the day was the presence of a mobile "head" shop which was attached to the trailer hitch of a vehicle. I guess you never know when you'll need a water pipe in the middle of nowhere! A 10th grade teacher of mine, who was in the other band, was sure glad the "head" shop was there...

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