Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Any Questions? Power Trio

Floating Fish Studios Holy Grail Week continues with a live recording from The Any Questions? Power Trio (pictured above in 2004 from L to R - LTJTHC, Ttam Troll, and MC2P4) .

In Spring 1990, we (Any Questions?) converged on P&G Studios to work on new demo ideas.  Up until this point, we had only been working with programmed electronic drum machine parts but the larger studio setting afforded us the opportunity to set up a full acoustic drum kit.  We took advantage of this and recorded a series of songs featuring LTJTHC on acoustic drums.  What makes these recordings so rare is the fact that they are the only ones ever made by Any Questions? to have acoustic drums.

Taken from the Live With Two Mikes session, on this track you'll hear LTJTHC's ride cymbal charged drum performance setting the groove for MC2P4's slithering Moog Bass synth line and Ttam Troll's relentless Peter Hook-style electric bass soloing.

I hope you enjoy this previously unreleased track!

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