Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beach Blanket Troll

I thought that I would continue with the vacation/beach theme from yesterday's blog post. It's snowy and cold here in the Northeast so some thoughts of Summer may be just what we all need.

In early Summer 1988, I went to Ocean City, MD with the Ocker family for a fun and relaxing trip. Late at night, I took the opportunity to stroll the beaches alone. Sometimes listening to the waves and sometimes listening to my Walkman. It was during these strolls that I first had the idea for writing a song that would sonically capture the sound of a listless ocean along with the power and elegance of the waves as they crashed upon the shore. This was not a novel idea but for an 18yr kid (excuse me, man) it provided enough stimulus for a creative spark to be ignited.

It took about a year before I fully realized this idea but here I present to you the live version of Floundering In A Sea of Digital Waves as performed by Vizator at the PPG Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA (Summer of 1989). While listening, please try to ignore the incessant guitar synth flute soloing which is going on. It is NOT part of the song I wrote.

P.S. Thank you to Tonya Ocker for capturing this picture of me with "Bedhead".

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