Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Integration Sessions 2005 Part 2

On 09/25/05, we (Any Questions?) continued work at the old Floating Fish Studios on our new release, tentatively entitled Integration. Most of this day was spent working on a song idea titled In Dreams.

The genesis for this song had started a few weeks prior in a session where I recorded the basic structure which consisted of the Korg DW-8000 synth bass lines, Korg MS-2000 synth wash, and drum programming.

On the day of the 09/25/05 session, MC2P4 and LTJTHC joined me in the studio and we went about further expanding the song. We muted the original drum programming parts and turned on the click track so LTJTHC could improvise his drum parts without being locked into any of my initial drum sequences. MC2P4 added Korg Z1 lead lines, and I provided E-MU ESI-32 sample playing.

We set up a stationary camcorder to capture video and recorded the live improv audio direct to 2-track CD-R as well as capturing it as MIDI data so we could go back later and edit/manipulate the performances as needed.

This "out of focus" video is the raw footage of one of the live improv takes that we recorded that day.

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