Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FFS II Synth Jam 2011 - Troll Returns Audio Surfaces

This was the first time since 09/10 where all three core FFS II Synth Jam members convened and we wasted no time diving deep into the electronic plasma pool. The first audio to surface from FFS II Synth Jam 2011 - Troll Returns is this improvisation titled TR-2.

Dave Chandler (aka Thee Sub One Genius) provided the pulse in Ableton Live and rhythmic bass effects. Matt Norcross (aka Ttam Troll) added Roland RS-09 synth string soloing and Prophet 600 sound effects while M Scott McConnell's (aka MC2P4) Korg Z1 ambient washes glistened in between.

This was recorded on 04/16/11.

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