Saturday, September 10, 2016

Can You Dig It?

Floating Fish Studios held Synth Jam 2016 - Birthday at FFS II on 07/30/16. The ensemble gathered included Steve Saputelli (aka Steve O Man), Paul Polidoro (aka Paul Doppelganga), Dave Chandler (aka Thee Sub One Genius), Mary Shuman (aka Mary, Mary), M Scott McConnell (aka MC2P4), and Matt Norcross (aka Ttam Troll).

Paul Polidoro on the “Wheels of Steel” shows off his turntable prowess during this improv while Thee Sub One Genius leads the rhythmic charge with Beat Architecture and Steve O Man accompanies on electronic drums. Ttam Troll pulsates a Prodigy synth bass line as MC2P4 and Mary, Mary layer synth lines on top it all.

This live improv is titled, Can You Dig It?.

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